To all who are thinking about taking an art class but are not quite sure if you have any talent that can be translated to canvas, Adele is the perfect teacher for that self-discovery!!!
— P. Moore
  • Do you want to learn how to paint, but don't think you can?

  • Perhaps you're an experienced artist who wants to expand your capabilities.

  • Do you struggle to see yourself as an artist, and feel like trying to create art would be a frustrating waste of time?

  • Is the fear of failure or the unknown preventing you from moving forward?

  • Perhaps you lack confidence that you'll mix the colors right.

  • Maybe you are your own worst critic, and think your art will look foolish to others.

  • Possibly, do you struggle to find enough time to tap into your creative potential?


If you are serious about discovering ideas and putting them on canvas, I can help you learn to trust your instincts and create paintings that are long-lasting legacies.

My online art classes use proven methods to teach you how to create paintings you never thought possible.

I also help advanced artists broaden their knowledge while adding new techniques to their process. 



Adele’s class was a place of self-discovery. It was a prespective-changing experience. She makes the most complicated paintings seem easy and helps her students with tricks she has learned over the years. You can never find a better teacher or environment than the one Adele creates.
— D. Mathis


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