Behind the Scenes: Preparing for Round Top

Imagine your task is to fill a 20x40-foot space with art and collectibles that are fresh and different from what you offered at the previous show.  That’s a challenge I’m currently dealing with — and greatly enjoying — in getting ready for the upcoming antiques and collectibles show at Round Top, Texas.

In this video, I show you some of the ways I’ve learned to tap into my creativity to produce unique works. And it’s not just about paintings. Whatever the work, the key is to develop outside-the-box ways of thinking about materials, techniques and design.

Click on the video below to see if my methods of exploring art give you any new ideas. And please leave a comment about something new you tried. 

For the upcoming show — which runs from March 23 through April 6 — I’ll be bringing works ranging in size from 5x7 feet to 8x10 inches, including my new series of floral paintings. But that’s only the beginning. I’ve also developed a new series of paintings and prints — both framed and under glass — based on the palettes of colors I use when creating paintings.

I’ll also be bringing “functional art.” I’ve enhanced useful items — acrylic paperweights and portable tables — with my designs. As always, there is a limited supply of everything so please come early to have the best selection. 

I hope you get a chance to come say hello at Round Top. I am in the Stables Barn at The Compound.  The show is located on a small Texas highway that is filled twice a year with hundreds of vendors. The majority of vendors are antique dealers, with only a handful of artists.