3 Principles for Painting Abstracts that Engage

Do you ever lose track of all the “do's” and “don'ts” you learned in art classes?

Whether its rules about perspective, composition, color combinations, or other elements, it can be challenging just trying to remember them all.

In this video I explain 3 basic principles that are easy to remember and that will make a positive impact on each and every one of your paintings. 

What I want most of all in my paintings is to engage viewers, to offer something so interesting to look at that viewers linger as their eyes move around to explore the entire canvas.

The way I do that is by delivering visually interesting effects not just to move the viewers' eyes around the canvas but also to intrigue the viewer both from a distance and up close. 

The 3 principles I'm going to show you will help you increase that kind of engagement.

The first of the 3 principles is to add and subtract during your painting process. 

This will give your painting the kind of depth viewers respond to. In the video I show you just how I use addition and subtraction to create depth.

And please watch the whole video to learn about all 3 of the principles.  Just click HERE or on the image below.

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