Packing Your Art Kit for Travel: Essential Tools for the Road

Not sure what painting supplies and tools to grab from your studio when heading out on a trip?  

OK, obviously you can't take large canvases. But you don't even need to take all the paint tubes you usually use in the studio. 

Even though I primarily paint with acrylics I don't bring more than a few tubes of acrylic paints on the road.

What colors I don't bring I can mix from the ones I do bring.

I also pack a few other essential tools, all of which can fit in an easy-to-carry toolbox.

Brushes, palette knives, erasers.

Even better, I often find I get inspiration for new ideas by using my minimalist toolkit. 

Most recently, I rediscovered the joys of using watercolors to compose abstract paintings.

Please click here or on the image below to view my video on packing your art kit for travel.