Finding Your Art Style

Yes, a great artist can do a lot with a simple No. 2 pencil.  But even the great ones find that some styles and media suit them better than others.  And one's preferences may change.  When health issues afflicted Henri Matisse in the 1930s and he could no longer paint he turned to collage and produced some of his most famous works.

So what styles of art -- bold or subtle, colorful or black-and-white, abstract or realistic -- will bring out the most exciting artist in you? 

In this video, I show you some of the artists that have influenced me the most and what I've learned about my own artistic style by noting what I have found that I react to most in their works. 

A few of the artists that you will see in the video: Gary Komarin, Heather Day, Ida Kohlmeyer.

Click on the video below to see if my methods of exploring art styles give you any new ideas. Please leave a comment to let me know which artists have inspired you in finding your art style.

As an extra bonus, click HERE to download my art style worksheet. It has 11 simple questions that will help you find YOUR style.