Helpful Guides for Abstract Painters

Color charts, value guides, paper palettes, books on artists' processes -- in this video I offer my collection of essential painting resources, references and painting aids to make it easy for you to achieve the results you want in your abstract painting.

Please click here or on the video below to watch.

One of my favorite tools that happens to come for free is a color value chart that is provided on the back of Jack Richeson gray paper palettes. Another favorite is the series of “Doodle” books by Dawn Sokol. They give me ideas and keep me in a playful and fun frame of mind.

Another find is a new book by artist and psychiatrist Nancy Hillis titled “The Artist’s Journey.” It explores how to get through the tough patches in the process of painting.

There are other tools and resources, too, that I’ve found invaluable. I hope you’ll watch the video for details and that the books and tools are as helpful for you as they have been for me. If you do find this helpful please share it with others you think might find it useful.

Adele SypesteynComment