Kicking Off My Art Show at Round Top

Every year people come to Round Top, Texas from around the United States to the Fall Antique Show.

This two-week show takes place on a 57-acre, 32,000 square-feet special event center from Sept. 22-Oct. 6.

Visitors are drawn to hunt for one-of-a-kind treasures, see unique designs, explore exceptional antiques, and discover works of art to fit their motif.

The good news for me is that I’m one of very few artists in the entire show.

Since many of you would like to see what’s happening at the show but can’t travel the distance, I wanted to share with you:

  • details about the preparations,

  • scenes from inside my booth, and

  • artwork you can buy remotely.

Before The Show Begins

Preparing to exhibit at any show is no easy feat.

There are many months, days, and hours of preparation before you can set up at the show.

You can only imagine that I’ve been preparing to exhibit my art at the annual Round Top Antique Show since the previous show ended last year.

My focused mindset and creativity process can consume a considerable amount of the prep time.

Since this is my biggest show of the year, I recently completed many 12-hour days in my studio creating new works of art to exhibit and sell.

A week before the show began, we packed things up and headed to Round Top to set things up.

You’d be surprised by the amount of detail that goes into the actual set up.

There is so much detail that goes into setting up your space in the best possible way.

You want to do much more than hang paintings on a wall. It is important to give the space a special feeling that is warm and inviting.

Since I started with blank walls, I wanted to design the spaces as art within itself.

For example, I placed architectural elements staged with flowers to go with my landscape paintings.

One of the most creative things I designed in this exhibit space is a fountain to offset the heat.

I did this by transforming an antique galvanized tub by adding some running water, a bamboo fountain, ceramic goldfish, and tea lights. (I even have some pennies so visitors can make a wish.)

Two other unique elements include a life-sized mannequin posing as my resident artist, and a child’s painting easel that is covered with paint and lots of colored pencils. (I grateful to some of my friends who found the easel for me.)

My Artwork

This year, I have more art than I’ve ever created for previous years.

In addition to my abstracts, I have flower and landscape paintings.

You can also find huge paintings and mini-paintings.

My goal was to create artwork that covered every conceivable taste and style with affordable options.

Attending the Show Remotely

Since I know many of you would love to attend the show but can’t travel the distance, I wanted to bring the sites of the show to you.

You can see some pictures of my exhibit at the show. (shown below)

You can even check out paintings I have for sale and choose one to buy here.

Adele Sypesteyn2 Comments