Four Easy Steps to Help You Tap into Your Creativity


Creativity is a tool we all use to create art. Combine that with imagination, and you’ll find unlimited options for what your mind and hands can design and develop.

Merriam-Webster defines creativity as “the ability to create.”

If you dig a little deeper into the definition, you’ll see that creating is the ability to bring something into existence and to produce through imaginative skill.

It is mind-boggling how many people share that they have the desire to create, but they don’t feel like they are equipped to do so.

So many people are afraid or don’t understand that they have it.

While that sounds dreadfully sad, there is good news about creativity: Everyone can create!

Think about that for a moment. We were all born with creativity and imagination.

Drill down a bit deeper and realize that you already have what it takes to be creative.

This isn’t an isolated skill or resource that only a few people are gifted to possess.

We ALL Have the Ability to Create Inside Us.

But what we do with that ability is up to us.

Creativity is important because it is how we filter ideas that impact every aspect of our life.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are a few statistics to support the value of creativity.

78% of people feel that the expression of personal creativity makes a real difference in their lives. (Source: The Gnomon Workshop)

60% of polled CEOs find creativity to be the most important leadership quality. (Source: Fast Company)

In my life-long journey as an artist and through my continual quest to learn, I’ve come to realize a few things about creativity.

I haven’t shared this publicly before (so it is a kinda big deal - to me, anyway), but I’ve come to realize that I’m uniquely gifted to help others—like you—learn to tap into your creativity.

Showing people how to access their innate given talents comes naturally to me.

(Wow, saying that aloud really energizes me. And I want you to become energized, too.)

You may not realize this, but there is a great deal written about creativity.

You don’t need to go look it up because I’ve invested the time to digest and synthesize the methods and steps you can use to increase your creativity.

Four Steps to Increase Your Creativity

Here’s what I know to be true: You can increase your creativity by following a four-step process: Preparation, Incubation, Breakthrough, and Implementation.

Let’s look at how you do that:
The Preparation Step: Gather as much knowledge and info as you can about a topic. For your mind to come up with new ideas, you need to feed it ideas and insights it can use. The more information you collect, absorb, and digest, the more your brain will step into creativity.

The Incubation Step: You’ve heard the saying, “Let go and be free.” You need to do that here. Let your subconscious mind make connections with the information you’ve collected. Without realizing it, the ideas are going to churn and connect behind the scenes.

While most people get stuck here, you need to realize that being stuck is a great thing that allows our minds to wander and explore without us realizing things are happening. You should embrace and welcome this step in your creative journey.

The Breakthrough Step: Once all the ideas that have been working in your subconscious have had enough time to percolate and “connect the dots,” a breakthrough can—and will—occur. This “eureka moment” or new insight is known as a light bulb moment. It is a result of all the thinking you did in the incubation stage.

The Implementation Stage: You are now ready to try your solutions, implement them and see how they work to help you create.

Each step builds on the other and evolves over time. There is no clock ticking or timer set to move you from one step in the process to the other.

You simply need to intentionally make the most of each step in your creative journey.

Let me encourage you to get started working on your creative process today!