How To Release Your Inner Artist Using a Variety of Tips & Techniques


Do you find yourself admiring the art others have created? Perhaps you have a hidden desire to create works of art, but you have no idea where to start.

There are so many options that creating art can become overwhelming. You just need to let go of any fears or anxiety to unleash the creative ideas you have inside. And there are simple techniques for doing just that.

Break the Rules Like An Artist

As Pablo Picasso said so well “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

There are no fixed rules or one perfect way to make a good painting. Anything you produce is an outward expression of your inner feelings and ideas.

Since there is no perfect way to create art, you can make whatever you want using a variety of tips, and techniques. In fact, you’ve probably already used various methods without realizing it.

Think back to your previous experiences. Have you:

•    Doodled in a notebook?

•    Created a predetermined painting following a paint-by-number kit?

•    Painted a blank page with your fingers?

•    Mixed watercolor paints on a canvas?

•    Used a sponge to add texture to a wall in your home?

All of these are simple techniques for creating art.

Take Your First Step

It all begins by exploring the various techniques for mixing mediums, applying colors and building paintings. Don’t worry about what you want the finished work to look like.

Five Easy Puzzle Pieces

Creating art involves learning about five fundamental areas: tools, variety, creativity, value, and mindset.

·         Tools. There are conventional and unconventional tools I use for different effects. From spray bottles to plastic wrap to brushes—the options you can use to create shapes, layers, and textures are endless. (I look forward to sharing with you options you may want to consider.)

·         Variety. Varying the elements you use in your work makes your art more interesting. I have created a checklist that I use throughout my painting process that helps me bring more variety into every composition. (I’ll share it with you in a future post.)

·         Creativity. Of course, imagination is a critical component of your art creation journey.  By being aware of how you can tap into your creativity, you will see its effect in other areas of your life. (I have developed fun exercises to help expand your creativity.)

·         Value. Including lightness, and darkness in a painting provides both interest and contrast. This concept is challenging for many. In fact, I have had trouble at times with this, so I developed a quick and easy tip that allows you to view your work in just darks and lights. 

·         Mindset. If your mindset is one of believing there is no right or wrong way to paint, you can create in a non-judgmental way, which frees you up to explore and experiment. (I’ll go into each area in detail in upcoming blogs.)

I think of creating a painting like solving a jigsaw puzzle. Your work comes together when you put all the pieces – these five fundamental tips & techniques – in place. 

Your Options Are Endless

Take the pressure off yourself by exploring various tips and techniques. You can use them as guides to lead you throughout your creative journey.

While you're getting familiar with the tools and techniques, don't worry about creating a masterpiece. Have fun and play with them.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts that will walk you through simple techniques you can use to use to discover your creative potential.