Art Insights: Q&A with Adele

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I don’t know about you, but I love interacting with other people.

In fact, I find that the more questions I ask someone, the more I can learn from them.

Any questions I ask someone else tends to provide me with more insights about an array of topics from how they view the world to what they do.

That said as an artist and teacher, I get asked a lot of questions. I find people are interested in learning about a variety of things from my artwork, the types of processes I engage to what it is like to be an artist.

So I’ve decided to start a periodic blog section where I answer a few of the questions many of you ask me frequently.

Let’s start with these four questions:

What is My Daily Life Like as an Artist?

I love working as an artist because it is my life-long passion.

As an entrepreneur, I find that I work on something for my artwork every day.

In fact, each day is geared around developing my art in some way.

Even if I might not be painting every day, I do spend time searching for inspiration and thinking about creating.

You can always find me reading and outlining a variety of things that interest me. In turn, I create exercises for new ways to make things.

What is it Like to Live My Life Focused on Creativity?

I love and feel so fortunate that I can live such a creative life.

Even though I probably put way more hours in than a nine to five job, I have the freedom to wake up whenever I want.

For example, most of my days start around 5:30 in the morning and I work until 10:00 at night.

Sometimes my workday is filled with fun, expanding thoughts, and inspiration. These types of things just fill my life, which makes me so happy.

Sometimes I do get tired and rundown, but it still doesn’t stop me.

No matter what I’m doing, I press forward to reach my goals.

From putting together art shows—which happen a couple of times a year—to planning a class to teach others art, I press forward to reach my goals.

I’ve found that I have to plan several months ahead to stay ahead. If I don't, I can get really behind.

Every day I'm either thinking or creating. Even when I go out, I tend to notice the colors and textures around me. My mind is always working, and I get ideas everywhere I go.

Focusing on creativity as an artist and a teacher is fun-filled and active.

Do I Paint Every Day?

I do not physically paint every day, but I do work through a lot of exercises. Some of the exercises stretch my creativity while others are just playful and fun.

I also have a lot of administrative work that I must accomplish, which can keep me away from studio time.

When this happens, you can find me spending my time doing research and working on correspondence.

What Types of Exercises Do You Do?

I have a whole list of different ones that I like to do.

Sometimes I focus on making color swatches in blues.  

Another time I might go and practice creating different patterns and color combinations with some of my special pens.

I have a stash of 15-, 20-, or 30-minute exercises that include everything from fun kinds of doodles or different patterns that I like to play with and create new things.

My exercises help me get inspired, energized, and create ideas. They are like my idea factory.


I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into my world.  Until Next Time…