Painting Myths That Can Kill Your Creativity

Since I love painting and teaching others to do it, I spend a lot of time researching and exploring techniques we can all use in our creative endeavors.

As an artist who has paintings displayed in galleries nationwide, featured in magazines and adorning the walls of places like Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th Avenue, the topic of painting is also on my mind.

Lately, I’ve been creating an online art class to teach anyone who wants to learn how to paint.

This journey has helped me see a lot of myths and preconceived notions many people seem to have about painting.

Let’s look at a few of these myths and debunk them right now.

Myth #1: If You Can’t Draw, You Can’t Paint.

Good news! Drawing is not essential to painting. In fact, you don’t need to know how to draw at all to paint.

Myth #2: Every Painting Must Be Perfect.

Talk about an unrealistic goal. That is similar to expecting everything you do in life to be perfect, which we know never happens. Perfection is an unrealistic goal. As Salvador Dali said, “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.”

Myth #3: You Can’t Paint Because You’re Not Creative.

Creativity and imagination are inside all of us. What you do with that ability is up to you. There are ways to unlock and discover your creative potential, and I can show you how in easy-to-do steps.

child painting.JPG

Myth #4: Either You’re Born with Artistic Ability, or You’re Not.

Good news! Anyone can learn to paint. Think back to kindergarten when everyone—not just a select few—was given their own paper, paintbrush, and paint. Some even used their fingers to paint, but everyone did it.

Myth #5: Painting is Difficult and Hard to Learn.

Learning to paint is a lifelong quest. If you have the right mindset, you can create anything. Mindset is so important that I make sure I always teach ways to ensure my students can have a growth mindset. This approach helps you learn to expand everything in your life so you can stretch, grow, learn… and paint.

So let me encourage you to stop believing these limiting beliefs so you can tap into your hidden potential and create the art you have hidden within you.

If you want me to teach you about mindset, creativity, and painting—sign up for my waitlist at the bottom of my classes page so you’re the first to learn about my new online art class when it released.