Why We Are Driven To Paint


You have a blank canvas in front of you.

What do you do with it?

Do you stare at the canvas, and simply walk away? Or do you follow your urge and desire to create something?

So let me ask you something: What makes you want to paint?

Is it because you like the feel of the paintbrush or many different tools in your hands?

Perhaps you are drawn to the various colors available to you through paint, markers, and chalk?

Maybe it is because you enjoy the playfulness that creating art allows you to do.

Does the act of creating help you tap into your inner child?

Are you taken back to another time when you were the inventor of whatever you wanted?

Perhaps you find yourself pulled into that magical zone where there are no rules and no deadlines.

Maybe you love embracing the opportunity to create whatever you want with wild abandon.

Here’s what I do know: We are all drawn to create art for different reasons, and in that alone, there is something magical.

The ability to use colors and tools to capture our experiences on canvas - or whatever medium we choose - can start a conversation without using words.

Painting allows us to let go of the rigorous structure of our days and recreate the sites, sounds, and even tastes we’ve encountered in our daily lives.

Whether we realize it or not, when we paint we are recording our observations of the world around us and combining them with our imagination.

The act of creating is a healing escape that allows us - each in our own way - to comment on life as we see it.

If you reflect on the finger painting you did as a child, you may remember the fun and excitement you experienced.

Upon deeper reflection, you may also recall how you were using your senses to explore color and express emotions that were pleasing.

That same euphoria children experience when they show their creation to their teacher or parents is available to each of us as adults, too.

You only need to let go and seek opportunities to create what you see in the world.

Do you have a desire to do this, but aren’t quite sure where to start or how to unlock your hidden talent?

Never fear— there are easy ways to discover your creative potential that I can show you.

In fact, I have an online art class that I’ve been preparing where I can teach you how to do this and much more.

This class is structured so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Join my waitlist at the bottom of this page: https://adelesypesteynstudio.com/classes, and I’ll let you know as soon it becomes available.