Growing up in New Orleans, I have a love of architectural elements and detail. They’re integrated into my work space and my home. Many are mounted on stands and others sit on a table or mantle, and groupings of the elements are beautiful.


Raised by an artist who incorporated a ceramic kiln and photography studio into our home, I grew up knowing the arts as the only way to live life. In fact, my brother and two sisters also ventured into the arts in different ways.

As an accomplished artist, my architecturally-influenced abstract work incorporates multiple layers of texture, color and pattern. 

I earned a B.A. in art history with a studio minor from Newcomb College in New Orleans while working full-time as an artist. I also achieved a master’s degree in social work from Tulane University in New Orleans. Co-founding the Wellness Center in New Orleans in 1996, I designed a program of art therapy for cancer patients. This found me earning a license as a Gestalt therapist in 1999. 

It is well-known that artists typically aren't that great in business. But my unique combination of right- and left-brain characteristics finds that I can apply my artistic and teaching abilities to earn a living by doing what I love.

As an entrepreneur, I'm focused on using my creativity to connect with my audience while providing them the best I have to offer.

My work has been displayed in galleries across the country, featured in world-class magazines (including Veranda and House Beautiful), and adorned the walls of prestigious enterprises such as Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th Avenue.

It was an honor to be selected from a national search to paint a large mural in the Ace Hotel in New Orleans. This 17-foot painting is on display in the "Three Keys" where musical performances are held daily. (You can see the painting and process of creating it below.)


Art is about problem-solving and giving yourself permission to see things differently.



Abstract painting is an ongoing focus for the artwork I create, show, and sell. Lately, I've been exploring realistic work through my flower paintings and more. While travel feeds my independent nature, I never want to stop working. This led me to establishing art studios in both the southern and western parts of the nation. You can learn more about the artwork I have available, as well as my exhibit schedule here.

I've also started offering online painting classes to help students have success right from the beginning. These in-person classes were such a success that I'm working on bringing my studio and instruction online, so students can participate no matter where they are located. You can learn more about my classes here. 

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I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.
— Pablo Picasso


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